A master's view of love

Love! We talk a lot about love. We use the word with many different definitions and situations. We tell people we love them, but there are many levels. But do we really know what love is?

I remember the 60s the slogan: "Make Love not War." A good idea for sure, but I think the person who said that simply wanted more sex ... still not a bad notion.

Then we have romantic love. Eros. How do we feel when we are in love? Passionate, warm and fulfilled.

Then there is divine love. Agape: selfless unconditional love. Most want to attain this level of Love. A worthy aspiration, but how many know what it is?

We all want to be loved and we want to feel more love, the Agape type, but can we give it? Love is like abundance. You have to give it to experience it.

Everyone has experienced Agape type love. Even the most hardened person's soul remembers what it was like to be immersed in unconditional love. We experienced true unconditional love before we entered our bodies and after when we discard this "space suit."

Those who have had a near-death experience testify to experiencing it as unconditional love.

When we step into the physical, an illusion of separateness develops. We don't feel the oneness anymore that we did in the nonphysical.

When we feel at one with the universe, we remember and experience unlimited, love. Have you ever met someone that just being with them you felt unconditional love? People gather around these individuals like a swarm of bees. They are usually spiritual masters.

Why do they make us feel that way? The first thing they have learned is to release judgment.

One cannot truly love when in judgment or placing a conditional value on something. Good/bad, right/wrong, etc. These learned traits are made up and taught by the society we are born into.

Releasing judgment of self is giving love to yourself and then we cease judgment of others. "You mean I'm not bad after all? I am worthy, whole, complete and perfect?" YES!

Releasing judgment of others doesn't mean we necessarily agree with their view points or their actions but a master simply does not condemn them but allows them to be, looking beyond the particular individual expression, their dress, religion, social/wealth status, physical condition or personality.

Love is the result of the one recognizing Itself in Its creation. We are mirrors to each other. When you are with a friend, take a few moments and look deeply into each other's eyes, and you will see the essence in them is also within you. This recognition of the divine essence melts down and transcends the walls of the ego, emotional defensive systems, hatred, disbelief, and separateness.

A master also loves the murderer because recognizing the divine essence within, the master cannot help but love. A master does not approve of actions committed, murderer, rape, hated or theft but realizes they do not know who they are. They have no experience of being loved.

It is no different than a child throwing a tantrum. The reason they are is because they experience the illusion of separateness from themselves. The child feels they have no choice but to act out to relieve the hurt.

Loving the child we look past the actions to see their divine essence. We need to do this with adults who have tantrums.

Remember: When the divine recognizes itself in Its creation. ... love happens ... this is making love in the ultimate sense. To experience love, give it.

Try looking for the divine in everyone and see what happens.

Jim Hatton is the author of "A Spiritual Master's Guide to Life" available on Amazon or at SpiritualMaster.com. Send 600 to 700 articles to Sally McKirgan innerpeaceforyou@live.com.

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