Our anti-climate politicians

It remains beyond belief that so many people in power and the power belongs to Republicans these days continue to cast doubt on the reality of climate change. The evidence is all around us, but obscured for some by the fog of politics.

It is particularly ironic that fire-ravaged Northern California and Southern Oregon are represented by congressmen who are either outwardly dismissive of the idea of climate change or who choose to quietly look the other way.

California’s 1st District Republican Congressman Doug LaMalfa in 2016 criticized outgoing President Barrack Obama for “... his misguided focus on climate change, which threatens to derail key sectors of the American economy.” This year, LaMalfa had the temerity to respond to a climate change question following the tragic Carr fire in Redding by saying he didn’t want to “quibble here today about whether it’s man, or sunspot activity, or magma causing ice shelves to melt.”

Oregon’s 2nd District Congressman Greg Walden may be less direct in dismissing climate change, but his foot-dragging and obfuscation on the issue are no less threatening to the planet. He opposed a stream protection act that he said would have put “64 percent of coal out of reach in the U.S.” and cost 78,000 jobs. He has voted against clean energy research funding and against acknowledging that climate change is largely human caused. He gets a 9 percent rating from the League of Conservation Voters.

Both LaMalfa and Walden are failing us now and condemning future generations.

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