Letters to the Editor, Aug. 29

Moderate Republicans needed

Regarding political parties and views of global warming, you’d think there is a  

sharp and equal partisan divide, Democrats trying, Republicans denying. Not so.

According to the recent large Yale survey of our entire voting population, almost 

half of liberal to moderate Republicans are concerned for what humans are doing

to our planet. They are more aligned with moderate to conservative Democrats,

and both are closer to liberal Democrats, than to conservative Republicans.

Lumping moderate Republicans in with global warming deniers is inaccurate, and

it is unfair to their values and concerns. As global warming continues to wreak

havoc in our environment and economy over the next 50 to 100 years or more,

will Republicans like the justifiable blame they’ll inherit for their typical avoidance

and denial?

We need liberal to moderate Republicans to begin speaking their values and

concerns — with each other, the media, and their representatives in political

office. We’re all in this together. Liberal and moderate Republicans, we need

your help in doing what conservatives should also be doing — conserving a healthy

climate for all of us and our descendants.

Brad Carrier, Ashland

Replace the gray pavers

The Plaza should represent what Ashland is famous for — The Shakespeare

image. Going all modern takes away from this image — also Ashland is an older

town and should keep the Plaza looking more like the town.

I think whoever said yes to the gray pavers should pay for the

correct red ones to be installed. Give the gray pavers to the relevant


Glen Paris-Stamm, Ashland

A clear choice

This November, voters will have the opportunity to decide who’ll be our next county commissioner. There’s a clear choice between two very different candidates.

On the one hand, there is candidate Colleen Roberts, doubtless a nice person but someone of profound inexperience. On the other hand is Kevin Talbert, who recently entered the race to provide an alternative. Kevin — an Army veteran, former Peace Corps volunteer, and resident of the Rogue Valley for many years — has years of experience managing large numbers of staff employees, preparing and overseeing multi-million-dollar budgets, and working successfully with people of diverse viewpoints and objectives.

 Kevin has the support of former county commissioners from both political parties. He’s also supported by the commission’s two current, outgoing Republican members. I’ve served on a board with Kevin. People who have worked with him over the years know his ability to identify the crux of a tough problem and then work toward a viable solution. Kevin Talbert is a smart, experienced, patient and pragmatic person. His skills and experience are needed on our county commission.

Jeff LaLande, Ashland

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