Letters to the Editor, Sept. 22

Just asking

All you need to do is note the recent increase in the frequency of TV military recruiting commercials to realize our new war is probably going to be a humdinger.

While I'm at it, should Col. Dave Dotterrer win in November, do we address him as his rank? I'd just like to know the correct manner of address if it comes to pass.

Mike Mooney, Ashland

Bowers for president

Do you believe in God and country? Do you believe in the Constitution of the United States? Do you believe it's time to get back to what our country was founded on?

Well, I have the answer. In 2016 we will be electing a new president. There is a man named Kerry Bowers who has declared his candidacy for president of the United States.

I know this man personally, and he is what this country needs. He's retired military, a Christian and believes completely in the Constitution.

He is a very honorable man, and as honest as you can ask for. He has been campaigning for the last few months across the country, and has taken no contributions from anyone. Go to www.kerrybowers.com and check him out. If you agree with him and would like him as president, tell everyone you know.

Laura Barnes, Phoenix

Who's paying?

It'd be very interesting to know how much of the money financing the ads opposing the legalization of marijuana come from Mexican drug cartels. We can't know because the Supreme Court of the United States ruled that such information is protected as free speech.

Laurence Ware, Medford

Regulation needed

I'm personally getting really tired of people in the timber industry blaming catastrophic wildfires on regulations that keep them from logging. The fact is, most of these fires are burning so intensely because of the timber Iindustry's "cut and run" style of logging and a lack of environmental regulation!

I can't stand it when a group of industry sees that they made big mistakes and tries to turn the whole thing around and blame someone else. The fact is, we wouldn't have nearly the problems if the timber industry had done a better job of harvesting timber in a more sustainable manner, treated the slash they left behind like they were supposed to and replanted, pre-commercial thinned and managed young plantations like they do.

It is a disgusting disgrace to look at the huge slash piles up on the plateau that Jeld-Wen left behind after they over-logged the area for the fifth time. The Oregon Gulch fire wouldn't have been nearly as bad as it was had it not been for all the slash left behind by loggers.

As the timber industry takes its profits to Wall Street, it is up to the taxpayers that are left to clean up after them in the form of landslides and fire suppression.

Thomas Shemp, Ashland

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