Letters to the Editor, Sept. 3

Why are we afraid?

Why is it that we can't speak of anything concerning Zionism? Why are we so deeply and instinctually afraid to question, to consider, to wonder or even to think about this subject, and at the same time knowing well that Zionism is such a major part of human affairs?

Could it be that we fear incurring the wrath of Jehovah, who states very clearly, through his ancient spokespeople, that even to question is a capital offense, punishable by death?

We have been told for a great many generations that this vengeful and murderous god is also our god.

Is all of Western man under this spell: Buddhists, Christians, Jews, atheists, agnostics and every other kind of person who grew up indoctrinated into this Judeo-Christian reality?

Why does it not make good and smart people wonder, when they cringe and refuse to even look at a simple piece of paper, a flier, brochure or book that does question, that does wonder, that does even consider asking why anyone would dare to challenge this utter disregard for reasonable inquiry?

Could it be that we are indeed under a mighty spell? Please open your hearts and minds, and at least try to understand why you are so afraid of these superstitions. Or, if you insist that you are not afraid of superstitions, ask yourself why you would refuse to wonder why someone else would ask these questions, and why you must refuse to listen?

Randy Dolinger, Medford

Thanks for support

The Ashland Community Resource Center's Family Fun Fest provided laughter, giggles, joy, relief and an abiding sense of satisfaction. This back-to-school event was attended by 300 guests who were given backpacks, school supplies, haircuts, books, face painting, food, nutritional education and more. Based on that joy and relief, this first time event proved to be a huge success.

On behalf of Options For Homeless Residents of Ashland and of ACCESS, I would like to thank all of you who participated to make this a rewarding experience. The efforts of our community partners and agencies improved the lives of our neighbors and friends in Ashland and Talent. I would like to acknowledge the Maslow Project, School Nutrition Program, Science Works, DHS, Jackson County Fuel Commission, Phagans' Cosmetology, Loose Ends, Oregon Action, OHP, Umpqua Bank, Consumer Credit Counseling, Helga Motley, Treehouse Books, ACCESS Nutrition, ACCESS Outreach, Ashland Food Bank, United Methodist Church, Goodwill, and Shop N Kart for making it all happen.

The Ashland Community Resource Center is at 572 Clover Lane. You can also visit our website www.homelessoptions.org for more information.

John Wieczorek, President, OHRA board of directors

Dave deserves justice

It is six years since the Dave Lewis murder and body burning on the summit of Dead Indian Memorial Road. The family and friends of Dave have offered a $20,000 reward for information leading to arrests.

We ask the community to please vote Corey Falls as the new sheriff.

Dave deserves justice.

Linda Lewis, Ashland

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