July 22, 2006 Response to Zavatski Am I ever relieved! Cynthia Zavatski’s letter of 7/15/06 makes clear that the purpose of the talks about a two-state solution is to provide a cover for the “final genocide of the Palestinian people&rdqu

Response to Zavatski

Am I ever relieved! Cynthia Zavatski’s letter of 7/15/06 makes clear that the purpose of the talks about a two-state solution is to provide a cover for the “final genocide of the Palestinian people” and that these “peace talks” are simply, “to fool the public into believing that Israel is somehow at risk ...”

Here I was believing that somehow Israel’s 6 million citizens were threatened by the 279 million Arabs surrounding them, all admonished daily to “kill the Jews where-ever you find them.”

How naive of me to think that Israel’s signing treaties with Egypt and Jordan and offering to give up Gaza and 98 percent of the West Bank was anything but a ploy to buy time in their quest to exterminate the Arabs of Palestine.

And I guess that I was just plain foolish to believe that a “two state” solution was ever intended to finally provide both the Palestinians and the Israelis with safe secure homelands.

I too am saddened, saddened that Ms. Zavatski’s opinions are based on a view of the facts that turns history on its head. The Palestinians are not at risk of annihilation. They are culturally, ethnically, linguistically and religiously identical to Arab populations around them and they could be integrated into those societies without a hitch. They are not “a proud and ancient people” being forced out of “the last remains of Palestine.” They are unfortunate pawns of their own leadership’s failed attempts to exterminate the Jews of Israel.

Bruce S. Klein

Flag is a waving billboard

Call a spade a spade. The recently raised flag at the Ashland branch office of Premier West Bank is nothing more than crass commercialism thinly veiled as patriotism.

It is true that Premier West has the right to fly whatever size flag they choose. Ashland appears to be the only place they have chosen to exercise this right. Premier West claims to have flags “flying” at all of their stores. Three local offices I visited in Medford and Central Point display flags in their lobby but do not fly anything outside. The corporate offices do have a modest flag flying outside, but the Ashland flag is more than 20 times the size.

If the aim of Premier West is to express their patriotism why not donate the flag to the National Guard Armory or any other civic enterprise. Its size is clearly meant to draw attention to the store. Southwick Specialty Advertising is the company that sold the flag to Premier. The suppliers name clearly indicates an awareness of the flags intended purpose, advertising.

It is incredibly insulting that Mr. Anhorn dismisses any correlation between their corporate logo and the flag. The Premier West logo consists of three horizontal red stripes, two white sandwiched between and a large blue star on the left, set in flag proportions.

I encourage you to challenge this commercial perversion of our national symbol. Let Premier West know that we are not so naive and will not stand idly by. Vote with your pocket book, speak with your actions. Send a clear message to Mr. Anhorn, the flag is not yours to corrupt.

Trevis Caplinger

Thanks for baby contest

The Soroptimist International of Ashland sponsored our annual Baby Contest in Lithia Parade on July 2. We had a great time, the parents and babies had a great time, and two babies chosen from the group rode in the Fourth of July balloon. Some babies also won gifts donated by several local stores. We would like to thank everyone who helped to make this event so much fun and especially than the local downtown stores that provided cash and gift donations to offset our production costs.

Wendy Ray

and Annette Pugh

More praise for ‘Truth’

I must admit I was impressed by Al Gore’s film, “An Inconvenient Truth,” which did a pretty good job of summarizing, in a comprehensive and compelling manner, the seriousness of the climate crisis and what it means for life on Earth.

I thought Gore’s most effective tactic was debunking such myths as“global warming is just a cyclical trend,” by presenting data that proves how the current levels of CO2 and corresponding air temperature are far greater than have ever occurred before, during past natural cycles.

Something sorely missing from the film, however, were some honest solutions. For instance, one of the paltry “solutions” Gore suggests is to “plant more trees,” with nary a mention to the 214,000 acres of forests worldwide that fall to the chainsaw every day. One of the vital roles of our forests is the retention of CO2, the main cause of global warming. Massive deforestation of our planet is exacerbating climate change.

Therefore, one of our first solutions to the climate crisis should consist of a serious re-examination of the timber industry and its century long free-for-all plunder of our nation’s heritage forests.

Josh Schlossberg


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