June 1, 2006 Hardesty will be remembered well What a huge loss we’ve all suffered because of Jack Hardesty’s death. Jack was a great man, a man who gave everything he had to make Ashland a better place. He cared about this town and

Hardesty will be remembered well

What a huge loss we’ve all suffered because of Jack Hardesty’s death.

Jack was a great man, a man who gave everything he had to make Ashland a better place. He cared about this town and about us. He was a man who told it like it was and didn’t mince words; a man who got things done.

The city of Ashland is a poorer place due to Jack’s passing.

Thank you Jack for your great service to the city of Ashland.

Thank you Alice for sharing your extraordinary husband with us.

He will never be forgotten.

Tom Dimitre

Barone’s column

a study in denial

Thank God for Michael Barone and his optimistic column. He really outdid himself this week with this closing comment: “…we shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that, in most important respects, our civilization is performing splendidly.”

He’s always upbeat and but this is really quite inspiring and I hope all the “whiners” out there are listening. Here I was worried about global warming, pandemics, governmental and corporate fraud, deceit and theft, increasing numbers of homeless people, increasing numbers of imprisoned people, obese children, wars that kill thousands of civilians, pharmaceutical drugs and medical misdiagnoses that kill, the end of cheap oil, and religious and sexual persecution.

Man, have I had my priorities wrong. Turns out that none of those things are that important.

So, thank you Michael Barone. I would appreciate it if you would list the “most important respects” where “our civilization is performing splendidly.” Perfect word, by the way, “splendidly.” Makes life sound like a walk in the park.

Oh, that’s right, you did mention a bunch of statistics in your column. Statistics are so interesting. Kind of like quoting from the Bible to make a point. Problem is, you can’t eat statistics. And a parent who buries their child or a senior citizen working at McDonald’s is hard pressed to feel comforted by words.

That’s the problem with reality. It’s just too damn real. Fortunately for you, it’s not a place you seem to be even vaguely familiar with.

Will Wilkinson

AHS continuation

program praised

Thanks for Alan Panebaker’s story (May 16, 2006) on the Ashland High School continuation school program that recently moved in to the Lincoln school.

Along with the Montesorri school that will be at Lincoln next year, the Head Start program at Briscoe, and the new John Muir K-8 program starting at the middle school, once again we have all the school district buildings in use for education of young people in Ashland.

Thanks especially to school board chairperson Heidi Parker for her leadership and tenacity in pursing the Montessori preschool as a tenant at Lincoln. With the support of the board for budgeting extended kindergarten hours next year, all these diverse programs contribute to he breadth of educational choices that serve kids of all types and ages and make Ashland a special family friendly place.

Bravo. It is wonderful to be celebrating the success of Ashland schools developing in positive directions.

Paul Copeland

Response to

Bianca letter

Having read the letter from Mike to you dated May 23, 2006, I am in agreement with all Mike says in the letter, with notations that some of his fellow officers were not mentioned as supportive of his policies. I find it interesting those absent from mention.

I have known Mike for the several years he served as chief, admiring the way he approached our citizenry, not in an adversarial role, but as helping hand, extending his help to people who seemed to be troublesome, particularly kids, this contrasts to several of the Ashland Police Department who seemingly want to find fault and castigate, rather than to try to alleviate problems before they really develop.

His deep concerns and feeling of loss in the people mentioned in his letter are indicative of his approach to problem solving. I only can hope that the new chief will adopt similar measures, and try to eliminate some of the punitive attitudes that seem to persist in the minds of some of our remaining officers. I wish him every success.

William Sammons, M.D.

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