Letter to the Editor, Aug. 26

Thanks for aging column
I am delighted to see your inclusion of a regular column on anticipation of and planning for the realities of aging (Daily Tidings, Monday).
In my work on the Oregon Senate Bill 21 Steering Committee that is making recommendations for revisions to Oregon’s system of long-term services and supports, I’ve concluded that the biggest hurdles to overcome are: 1) denial; and 2) ignorance. Since too few of us imagine that debility is an inevitable part of our futures (absent the run-over-by-a-truck scenario), we do not plan for it. When it occurs, it is almost invariably a crisis, and we literally have no idea where to turn for the information we need. We make decisions that negatively affect our quality of life — and that of those that love and care for us. Our solutions are often more costly than necessary for ourselves and for those that end up absorbing the medical and long-term care costs.
Thanks to Ellen Waldman for shining a light on this issue and to the Daily Tidings for serving its readers of all ages with this vital information.
 Anne Bellegia, Ashland

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