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Letters, Dec. 10

Social media concerns

I am writing you to express my concern about social media in elections and what problems it causes.

I think it is important to our country because on internet we say things the we wouldn’t say to someone in real life. It think we should put limits on what we say during elections.

Plus, people sometimes post who they voted for and this can cause conflict among friends and family. Family and friends can get mad at this because they have different opinions.

I think as citizens of this country we should pay attention to the echo effect of social media. Things like what we say, like making our comments appropriate and cooperative. What we post, like making sure it’s appropriate and not political.

The things that we should do as citizens is double check anything that we’re going to post and make sure it’s appropriate.

Hunter Chalakee

Ashland Middle School

End factory farms

I believe that we should remove most or all the factory farms in our state, because of the abuse the animals go through. I think this is inhuman because pigs live in crates the size of their bodies and get their tails chopped off. Also, 34 million factory farm animals died in hurricane Florence.

I hope you will try to spread the word to stop animal abuse. I think every big city in Oregon or in the U.S. should have a local small farm near it. Or just support more local farms and buy local meat from them.

Help stop animal abuse in the state and in our country. It will affect us because there will be less meat in our state. We can work together, and fight for animal rights.

Benjamin Thacher

Ashland Middle School

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