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Letters, Dec. 13

Democracy: sold

Unregulated capitalism destroys democracy. It voraciously buys politicians, governments, and media propaganda outlets in pursuit of profit.

Polluting our air, water, and food are acceptable behaviors. Capitalism is short-sighted with no aspirations to morality, rationality or making a better world. Indeed, behaviors serving such goals are discouraged. Capitalism is much like Trump.

Oddly, “small government” representatives reap large bonuses from their corporate donors. Though sounding seductive, the adjective small (think deregulation) promotes theft, bribery and pollution.

The new generation of Democrats, like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, is resisting the siren calls of corporate lobbyists now mobbing them. But we know Greg Walden and his cronies in the old guard succumbed long ago.

Big money buying and controlling our government is why we don’t have health care for all and why we are failing to address global warming. (Ironically, we pay $3.1 billion to Israel each year and they can afford health care for all and tuition-free college, while ostensibly we can’t). What is wrong with this picture?

Neither fair nor balanced, our corporate media are just that — corporate. Best if we avoid cable pundits and watch DemocracyNow! Try listening to informative protectors of democracy such as the brilliant Greek economist Yanis Varoufakis.

Lee Lull


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