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Letters, Dec. 14

Ordinances overlooked

The full-page article in the Dec. 11 issue of the Tidings could have been titled “Busy end of year appealing housing projects” rather than “approving housing projects.”

When I hand-delivered my comments regarding the appeal of the Rivergate Property, the new Mid-Town Lofts, the planning clerk receiving my document jokingly said, ‘And what appeal is this for?’ While it was a true statement at the time when Planning Commission Chairman Roger Pearce stated there has been only one appeal so far this year, did he really think that the recent final approval of a proposal asking for 72 percent more density than what base density allows would not be appealed?

“He (Pearce) said people get heated about certain projects, but if the requirements are all met, then the projects get permitted.” Well, It seems to me that many of the ordinances can be overlooked and projects will still be approved. Please come to the council meeting on Tuesday, Dec. 18 and draw your own conclusions.

Michael Gutman


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