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Letters, Dec. 21

Share solutions, please

Mayor John Stromberg was recently quoted in the paper as saying that “he was sure there were other solutions to the deer problem” other than culling them. Would he please share those solutions with the rest of us?

Anthony J. Pippel


Character matters

The German populace in the 1930s accepted a deranged leader because fear-mongering convinced them of a “national security” crisis. Being stuck with him, they chose to make the best of it.

Now the majority of Americans are expected to treat the divisive liar in our White House as a qualified leader. Sorry, but no. Fabricating continual crises, then claiming to make everything great again is the same fear-mongering, cowardly manipulation all petty tyrants use. Bluster, bullying and unethical business tactics touted as the art of the deal demonstrate avaricious tendencies revealing that the boy, and his family, are just self-serving opportunists.

True leaders who govern toward a decent, honorable society understand that this semblance of character is less than admirable. That is, if one actually has character. Some people simply are characters. Like the less-than-esteemed and questionable “Christian” Pat Robertson, whose crucifix miraculously evolved into the almighty dollar sign. Or the embarrassing, destructive Republican Party, obtusely dancing the limbo while America takes note of just how low they can go.

The enormous difference between this administration and the previous one is clearly black and white.

Steve Sutfin


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