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Letters, Dec. 7

A week of irony

The past week was a high-water mark for irony in the Mail Tribune. On Friday, an In Depth article explored the political difficulties of dealing with the dangers of global climate change caused by rising concentrations of atmospheric carbon dioxide.

On Sunday, Kyle Isakower (Point / Counterpoint) seemed to advance the argument that the efficiency of our carbon dioxide emissions was what mattered, and not the amount actually in the atmosphere.

Also on Sunday, Dennis Sinclair (guest opinion) made subtle use of ad hominem argument to promote a debatable relationship between political and economic theories as reason to disregard the body of knowledge contained in the earth and life sciences.

Note to Mr. Sinclair: I am very concerned about climate change, and my middle name is “Worth.” I would be very interested in seeing how he might use that coincidence to come up with further social and geophysical advice.

Robert W. Buddemeier


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