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Letters, Nov. 26

Oak Knoll is a gem

Susan T. Wilson laments that the city-owned Oak Knoll Golf Course is a financial black hole that is failing to pay for itself to the tune of about $125,000 per year over the last 13 years.

Seriously? The Ashland city budget is nearing $200 million. This sounds more like a black flyspeck to me.

This kind of thinking typifies the current politics, which elevates cutting taxes as the highest possible public good. Making money is not the point the city expenditures. Can Wilson tell me how much Lithia Park “makes” per year, with its picnic table rentals, etc.? She suggests divestiture. Can anyone doubt that would mean another housing development?

The course has been an Ashland gem for 90 years. Just driving by its beautiful 75 acres is a pleasure. It’s got a fine, hard-working and very small staff. Having a microbrew on the clubhouse deck is one of the best-kept secrets in town. It is a gift to us from previous generations. Let us do the same.

Craig Shaw


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