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Letters, Nov. 27

Peace Flame honored

In reference to Jim Wolf-Pizor’s Nov. 21 letter, “Peace Flame mocked,” the opposite of what he says actually occurred.

The ceremony at the World Peace Flame Monument, the Thalden Pavilion, on Nov. 11, the 100th anniversary Armistice Day, was the Rogue Valley Chapter 156 Veterans for Peace honoring 54 Returned Peace Corps Volunteers. This honoring of national service through peace was organized by the Ashland Culture of Peace Commission and inspired by songs from the Rogue Valley Peace Choir.

These organizations, this ceremony, and everyone gathered that day stand for the antithesis of glorifying the horrors of war. Instead, we embrace the power of the human spirit and the courage of the heart in peace.

Veterans For Peace are all about educating our communities about the devastating, horrific, human and economic costs of war. They know, as they have seen war up close and very personal, as have I. This is all about choices we make as individuals, and as a country. It sounds like we are on the same page as Jim.

Please see the Mail Tribune, Nov. 9, “Celebrating the peacemakers,” the Daily Tidings, Nov. 12, “Called to serve others,” and the honoring ceremony video.

David Wick, executive director

Ashland Culture of Peace Commission

Thanks for dinner

On behalf of the patrons and staff of the Ashland Senior Center, I would like to thank Ashland Fire and Rescue for gifting us with another fabulous Thanksgiving dinner on Monday, Nov. 19, at the Senior Center. Ashland seniors look forward to this event every year, as an opportunity to gather as a community and to get to know the firefighters who protect and help them throughout the year.

Our special thanks go to Capt. Marshall Rasor, who organized the event, and all the firefighters and family members who cooked, served and cleaned up. We thank you for the awesome event, a delicious meal — and especially for all you do to keep us safe year-round.

We also thank Chief D’Orazi for his vision to create the Home Safety Program, which will provide free home improvements for income-qualified seniors and people with disabilities, to help make homes more safe and accessible. Chief D’Orazi, Emily Matlock and Sharon and Howard Johnson gave a helpful presentation on the program on Nov. 14 at the Senior Center. Learn more at http://www.ashland.or.us/fire, under Fire Prevention and Safety.

Isleen Glatt, senior services superintendent

Ashland Parks and Recreation Commission

Just common sense

We need to use the word “houseless” for those unfortunately on the street. Everyone has a home and that home is Earth. We humans must recognize this and nourish and caretake our beautiful planet. If we don’t wake up to that, ah well!

Jill Iles


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