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Letters, Nov. 29

Common sense

I’m not a gun owner and I don’t begrudge any gun owners their Second Amendment rights when it comes to self-defense, sport or hunting; however, I can’t understand the NRA’s recent provocative tweet over “the American College of Physicians’ call late last month for tighter gun control laws” (“Doctors, NRA clash over gun deaths, Lisa Marie Pane of The Associated Press, Mail Tribune, November 22).

This “call” was in response to the numerous traumatic events that medical personnel have experienced as a result of the many shootings that continue to involve military-grade weaponry whose bullets almost completely obliterate the internal organs of its victims. And while I acknowledge that there is a minority of citizens who would prefer a complete gun ban, the NRA still chooses to classify this minority as a majority in order to justify its continual resistance to any common-sense gun policy proposals.

Unless one is a current armed forces member engaged in combat, there should be no reason whatsoever to possess weapons of mass casualty in civilian life. If the NRA could devote some time assisting ER staff after a mass shooting, it might realize that its dogmatic stance is misguided, if not irrational.

Kurt Howard Bernhardt


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