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Letters, Nov. 7

Improving the Plaza

On March 3, 2016, Mayor Stromberg sent me this email:

“ Got a question: weren’t you collecting funds to replace gray pavers in the Plaza with pavers of other colors, in interesting patterns? I thought that idea had potential.


John Stromberg

Mayor, City of Ashland”

Ashland is a magical place. Our town center, the Plaza, reflects who we are and what we stand for. As the central focal point of our city, our Plaza needs to embody our town’s spirit, to the highest.

Last year the Ashland Plaza Restoration Project, aka APRP, successfully sponsored a Tree Enhancement Project on the Plaza. The compelling reason to plant these trees was to create additional ambience and shade on the Plaza for all to enjoy. With tremendous community and city support, It succeeded!

A compelling reason to replace the Plaza’s dark gray pavers, in part or in whole, is to reduce the stifling heat-sink effect they create during summertimes in the heart of our town (see an engineering student’s comments and calculations regarding this, previously sent to the Planning Department). But an even more compelling resason to do this is to make the Plaza more beautiful and inviting for our community, and for our playgoing visitors, whom we depend upon for financial welfare.

Simply ignoring and stonewalling thousands of community members and our visitors, who have for years expressed their dissatisfaction with the Plaza pavers on APRP’s site and elsewhere, is not an option, nor is it a fitting responsive by our elected public officials. Settling for a just mediocre Plaza belies our town’s central purpose, which is to provide a beautiful, historic and creative experience for everyone who lives and visits here.

Yes, replacing the pavers will be expensive, but so also was the planting of the beautiful new enhancement trees, which are appreciated by all. Many hurdles needed to be overcome to change the status quo. Somehow, with tremendous community support, we were able to accomplish this. It can be done again, with the willpower, and if all sides work together as they have done in the past.

The Plaza is “broken” and needs fixing. Let’s create a new public/private partnership, similar to the successful partnership that gave birth to the new trees on the Plaza. It will take teamwork from all sides of our community. Fund new, cooler and more inviting pavers on the Plaza, through city funds and from donations by the public, pooled for this project.

APRP and its supporters are eager to work with the city on this project. Let’s work together to make it happen.

David Sherr, APRP editor


Trump the Constitution?

If President Trump feels he can tamper with the Constitution using executive orders, it would be much more useful if he turned his attention to the Second Amendment. Which part of a “well regulated Militia” did the Pittsburgh synagogue murderer belong to?

John Kloetzel


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