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Letters, Sep. 24

The party of Trump

When did the Republican Party lose its way? Once the party of Lincoln, freedom, justice, and fiscal conservatism, the party has now morphed into the party of Trump.

This means the party represents pathological lying, tearing families apart, and the worst kind of racism, sexism and anti-science ignorance imaginable. Congressional Republicans and candidates up and down the ticket represent the values of Trump.

As Congressional Republicans promote for the Supreme Court a man demonstrated to have lied under oath and accused of grossly inappropriate sexual behavior, we find Republicans everywhere running as Trumpists and standing in support of lying and sexual misbehavior.

In Oregon, our values are not consistent with the values of Trump, his gang, and their Washington apologists. Yet no local Republican has yet voiced criticism of Trump. We have heard nothing from Walden, Gomez, Wallan, Abercrombie or Froelich to suggest they are anything but adoring Trumpists.

Trisha Vigil


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