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Letters, Sept. 1

Why I signed

I’ve been thinking about the Council Corner article about the recall, which was written by Rich Rosenthal and published in the Tidings Aug. 22.

I signed the recall petition because:

It didn’t make sense to me to replace Chris Dodson, who was so knowledgeable and connected with the agencies and organizations which would be beneficial to seniors in need. It didn’t make sense to me to replace Chris Dodson who operated a senior center where everyone, staff and visitors alike, were treated with compassion, courtesy and genuine interest.

It didn’t make sense to me to realize how people in powerful positions could be so ruthless and have the ability to make decisions that disregarded the true concept of a well operated senior center.

I was surprised that a city councilor would write such a disparaging article criticizing a group of constituents. To me, they were dedicated, organized, creative and believed in the democratic process of making a statement that, to all appearances, was an act of wrongdoing by government officials. I don’t understand how adhering to a democratic process could be “the darkest moment in Ashland’s history.”

I didn’t think I had the right, nor does anyone else, to criticize their efforts and certainly not be so judgmental as to suggest that if they circulated a petition that they then must run for an office, be it on the city, county, state or national level.

Mary Bertrand


McCain vs. Trump

John McCain: Served in the Air Force. Would not leave the Hanoi Hilton until other prisoners were released. Zero political or personal scandals. Called the Obama “birther” movement false at the outset. Has a record of being truthful and acting with integrity. McCain is an honorable Republican this nation can be proud of.

Donald J Trump: Draft Dodger. Received five deferments, one for “bone spurs,” while skiing at Aspen and working on his golf game. Best presidential golfer of all time. Nice swing. Has golfed more than any other president in first 20 months in office after criticizing Obama for playing too much golf. Chronic liar. Just ask his wives. Has had five bankruptcies and cannot borrow money from American banks. Had a hit reality TV show. Too many personal and political scandals to list. Campaign Manager is a convicted felon. Personal lawyer is a convicted felon. Lies about making payments to porn stars, then admits it. Has huge support from white racist organizations. Personal attacks on countless American citizens, particularly black women in power. Calls himself a stable genius. Was a pro-life Democrat until 2011. Makes policy decisions based on advice from Hannity and Fox and Friends. Has most the popular Twitter account in the history of that medium. Stated John McCain is not a war hero.

Oh yeah, but the economy is doing great.

Peter Toogood


Justice for horses

Thank you for publishing the article about Justice, the horse who was horribly neglected by his owner. That owner pleaded guilty to criminal neglect and is now being sued by the horse, with the assistance of the Animal Legal Defense Fund, for $100,000 to cover his care and ongoing medical costs for the rest of his life.

I am a volunteer and board member at the Equamore Sanctuary here in Ashland where we have dozens of stories like Justice’s. Starvation, abuse, neglect and abandonment are all issues that we have seen countless times in our 27 years of rescue operation.

Currently we have 57 horses on our property, everything from ponies to Percherons, and all of them need food, shelter, vet care, medicines and special feeds. I would encourage your readers to visit our website at www.equamore.org or visit us on Facebook and read the heartbreaking stories of some of our horses — and rejoice in their redemption and recovery.

I do hope that Justice’s owner faces consequences for this cruelty and I also hope that the community at large recognizes the problem of equine abuse and its aftermath. All horses should have “Justice.”

Nancy Shulenberger


Keep families together

President’s Trumps “zero tolerance” policy has separated over 2,000 children from their parents in a short span of six weeks. While this policy was enacted to keep migrants from crossing the border, the end result left children detained in inhumane living conditions.

The criminal prosecution of parents who attempted to cross the border leads to the separation from their children, as a child cannot be detained in jail along with them. Under the president’s “zero tolerance” policy, all adults seeking asylum illegally must be prosecuted, so if they have children, this separation becomes inevitable. Not only is this act cruel and traumatizing, but the government appears to be doing very little to even try and reunite the families who were separated. There is no efficient system that helps bring families back together. And for those who get deported, it becomes much harder to track the parents down and reunite them with their children.

I urge the people of Ashland to contact their congressional leaders in support of the Keep Families Together Act. This act prevents families from being separated at the border unless there are signs of abuse by his or her parents. By supporting Keep Families Together, we are practicing basic human decency by protecting and considering the needs of innocent children. This is an essential act that will allow families to stay together during the prosecution process and avoid child border detainment.

To contact your congressional leaders, visit http://borgenproject.org/action-center/ to email your vote on supporting the Keep Families Together Act.

Danielle Johnson


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