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Letters, Sept. 10

To a bike thief

To whoever came to our garage sale, saw our bikes leaning against the side of the garage and came back last Sunday night and stole one of them: I’m sorry that you had to steal from me so you could get around easier. I think I know who you are. You asked if we had any adult bikes. You looked down on your luck. A lot of people are these days.

In truth, we don’t use our bikes much. We have two cars. The one you took was the only girl’s bike. I guess you took it because it was easiest to get to.

I wish you had taken my husband’s bike instead of mine. He never rides his. I’m 70 and it’s hard for me to get on a men’s bike.

If you bring mine back I’ll give you his. It’s a better bike anyway. I’ll give you the right lock with the combination so no one will steal it from you.

P.S. This morning we found the place where you came over the fence. We found your prescription glasses on the ground. Hope you can still read the paper without them!

Susan Berry


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