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Letters, Sept. 15

Democracy at risk

The president and his supporters should be worried; we are on to them. If this president didn’t want negative coverage, he should tout his “wins,” like the economy, unemployment and the job numbers — even though he claimed, with no evidence (as usual), that the same great numbers under Obama weren’t real.

Instead, he tweets “no collusion” and his PR lawyer ridiculously claims “truth isn’t truth.” He continues to drive wedges between us: “Mexicans are rapists,” “NFL players hate this country.”

“The goal of fake news is voter suppression” says letter writer Doug Dusenberry, when that is actually the goal of the Republican Party. Beginning with McConnell’s pledge to make Obama a one-term president, the GOP has put party and power over country every time. President Obama’s administration pulled this country’s economy out of the ditch and they are fully responsible for the recovery Trump wants us to believe is his “miracle.” Now, deficits are soaring, our social safety net is on the chopping block and the world is aghast that a once great country could have so easily accomplished Putin’s goals. Dusenberry and his Dear Leader have put our very democracy at risk. They have lost all credibility.

Livia Genise



Thank you for the thorough and important section on suicide prevention that was included in the Sept. 7 paper. I’m sure it will make a difference in many people’s lives.

Caroyln Prentiss


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