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Letters, Sept. 16

Missing the real story

While we are besieged every day with political gossip and misinformation on Twitter and social media, we are missing much of the most vital threats to our future.

This administration, by ignoring climate change and coddling the extractive industries, is setting about diminishing our most precious assets. Our beautiful, diverse BLM conifer forests have been recovering from over a century of mistreatment, and now, under new management rules, the BLM proposes to cut down “85 percent of the canopy” and replace it with monoculture tree farms.

The Griffin Halfmoon and Clean Slate timber sales in identified great gray owl nesting habitat are slated to be cut and replaced with a crop of fir seedlings. That is no longer a forest. We know that tree farms burn hotter and faster and are more devastating than a natural forest with big, old, fire-resistant trees.

Instead of trying to get maximum board feet from our superb public forests, we need careful thinning and keeping Mother Nature in charge. Given half a chance, she will sequester carbon, slow climate change and provide a haven for the plants, birds, fish and animals that keep us and our air and water healthy.

Bonnie Johnson


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