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Letters, Sept. 18

Elect Bill Froehlich

Bill Froehlich is the best choice for Jackson County sheriff.

The current sheriff was appointed without a vote of the citizens after the departure of Corey Falls. Falls left this county halfway through his elected term. It’s appalling the appointed sheriff took an endorsement from Falls.

Corey Falls ditched our community after taking campaign donations. Since then we’ve seen lack of tangible action and planning for two years.

Bill truly understands strategies for planning, policing, addiction and mental health. With 30 years of law enforcement experience and degrees in organizational management, abnormal psychology and criminology, Bill Froehlich is the best choice.

Bill does not have political favors owed or need the money. He is not part of any good old boy system. He is funded out of his own pocket and citizen donations.

Learn more: ElectBillSheriff.com

Ryan Mallory


Project should proceed

The proposed 15-unit, 60-bedroom apartment complex at Siskiyou Boulevard and Park Street should be allowed to move forward.

While, as a dorm-style housing facility, it might not provide work force housing — which would be blocks of studio and 1-bedroom apartments — it will at least take some pressure off the current rental market and its 1 percent vacancy rate. Anything that helps, helps.

When this opens up, and as some move from the apartments and houses they are packed into, then others can move into those same apartments and houses. All around us we have people living on the street, in backyard storage units, in other peoples’ houses and in cars. These people range from young students to seniors. That anyone would object to providing them places to live and sleep because of a handful of trees, some aesthetic concerns, or downward pressure on their property values, is appalling. The Greatest Generation we are not.

Myron K. Hudson


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