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Letters, Sept. 27

Cougar killings

I was horrified and deeply saddened to see that state wilflife officials initially planned to kill many cougars to find the one that may have attacked a hiker recently. What is the possible justification for killing many cougars for a DNA sample? Whatever happened to putting an animal to sleep temprorarliy for field study?

I feel it’s time for humankind to wake up and see the out-of-balance situation where Mother Nature and wildlife are acting “unnatural,” where a cougar “normally” wouldn’t kill a human.

Those beautiful wild animals faced possible death because they acted as a wild animal who might be “misbehaving,” or acting “oddly” so it must be killed? Have state officials even thought about this not being their fault, and consider that their food source is actually misplaced?

What was the sense behind killing so many for one DNA sample? There’s no logic that I can see in this process, only deep sadness.

R.B. Reif


Ironic in German

Those of us who speak German couldn’t help but be struck by the irony of the story in Monday’s Tidings, “Smoky complications,” which featured a photo and comments from Bill Rauch, OSF’s artistic director.

Rauch — exact same spelling — is the German word for smoke.

OSF’s Rauch will be leaving for New York next year. We could only hope the other Rauch would go elsewhere in 2019 as well. Alas, not likely.

Bruce Borgerson


SOCAN plans forums

Lately, Washington, Congress and the White House seem to exhibit a singular philosophy when it comes to “protecting” our environment. Many of those new programs and policies will have a profound impact on the environment of our region.

Southern Oregon Climate Action Now (SOCAN), in cooperation with 15 other local organizations, has organized two candidate forums to discuss the environmental challenges facing our region.

On Oct. 1, candidates for Oregon Senate District 3, Gomez vs. Golden; House District 5, Marsh vs. Abercrombie; District 6, Atkinson vs. Wallan; and District 55, McLane vs. Rippberger, will be questioned about their stand on the environmental challenges facing Southern Oregon.

On Oct. 15, candidates for Jackson County Board of Commissioners Position 1, Thuren vs. Dyer; and 3, Roberts vs. Witt will face the same questions. Both forums will be held at the Medford library starting at 7 p.m. Audience questions are encouraged.

David Lane


Elect Steve Jensen

Ashland is fortunate to have Stephen Jensen as a candidate for City Council.

I have known Steve for many years and have always been impressed with his insightful interest in our community and his willingness to put his time and energy into making Ashland the great place it is. I have volunteered for years with the Southern Oregon Brain Bowl competition that he leads. I have seen first-hand the way he works with others for this event, his attention to detail, and his inspiration to young people and his ability to connect with them.

In his short tenure on the council, he has brought these same qualities. Let’s get Steve elected this fall!

Kevin Talbert


Support school bond

Ashlanders value education and care about kids. That’s why we approved a bond in 2006 to fund safe and modern school buildings for Ashland students. The bond made it possible for the district to update older school facilities and stay ahead of maintenance issues so that small issues didn’t turn into big, expensive problems.

The 2006 bond is expiring, so this measure will pick up where that one leaves off, proactively addressing facility issues, and funding new construction and updates such as maintaining indoor air quality and improving energy efficiency.

Students need and deserve modern, well-maintained classrooms and activity spaces. As parents and community members we want our schools and our students to continue to thrive. A yes vote on Ashland School District Bond Measure 15-178 is a big step toward making that possible. Please support the school bond measure this November.

Mark and Angela Decker


Jensen for council

I am writing in support of Steve Jensen’s candidacy for the Ashland City Council.

I believe Steve has the attributes that we all value in our public servants: he cares deeply about his community, he is open-minded, he listens and probes to learn more, and he is thoughtful and measured in his judgments. He was a teacher for many years and he has a history of civic involvement and volunteering.

He has my vote. I hope he has yours.

Alan Steed


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