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Letters, Sept. 7

Kochlacs for judge

During my almost 25 years working with the State of Oregon, I had the privilege to work with Charles Kochlacs as he represented Oregon’s most needy families: seeing that children and parents alike have fair representation in our juvenile justice system.

Kochlacs is one of those talented and conscientious attorneys who could maintain a respectful and thoughtful perspective, and see the bigger picture when it comes to Oregon’s most at-risk and vulnerable populations. Beyond that, he has extensive experience in various criminal/juvenile/domestic legal arenas. I am thrilled to learn he is running for judge in our circuit courts. He will be a measured and balanced member of the bench. I urge you to vote Kochlacs for judge!

James S. Hutchinson


Voting is easy

Is voting in November a top priority for you? Registering is easy in Oregon: visit https://sos.oregon.gov/voting/Pages/registration.aspx? lang=en. Obtain a paper application at a library or post office, mail before Oct. 16, no procrastination!

Some politicians will say anything to get elected and then act differently once in office — if a majority votes then we put brakes on politicians. Your vote is the only way to hold politicians accountable; it is how we tell them they are doing a good/bad job. Politicians can only be accountable by all of us.

You heard about the candidate who lost by one vote? That one vote could have been yours. If you say your vote doesn’t matter, then you are saying that you don’t matter, and that is not true.

You really want something to happen with respect to forest management that makes sense, don’t you? Vote: Atkinson, McLeod-Skinner, Golden, Marsh, Witt and Thuren. Fantastic slate!

Louise D. Shawkat


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