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Letters, Sept. 8

Good job, Mr. Sessions

Regarding recent developments with the Mueller investigation, i.e., guilty verdicts for Paul Manafort and guilty pleas by Michael Cohen, I commend Attorney General Jeff Sessions. He declared the Department of Justice to be independent and nonpolitical with regards to said investigation.

Even though I despise the Donald, and the nauseating ethical/moral stench wafting up from him and his administration, Sessions has shown his spine by standing up to his divisive, narcissistic, thin-skinned and juvenile bully of a boss. It also was proper for Sessions to recuse himself from that investigation, given that he was involved in the campaign.

Bravo, Mr. Sessions! If there truly was no Russian collusion in the 2016 election as the Donald insists, what better way to prove it than to allow Mueller to finish his thorough investigation? In the meantime, Mueller serves the American people by unearthing all of the collateral corruption tied to the POTUS.

In more general terms, Americans need to be alarmed when the POTUS demands loyalty in order to thwart justice, and values the policy direction of Fox, Putin, and friends over intelligence provided by the expertise of his own national security advisors. I hope we survive.

Joseph Bova


Smoke silver lining

With the severe impact of smoke on the city of Ashland it is difficult to look for positive developments regarding this environmental catastrophe. It is encouraging to see some community organizations responding in a constructive way to the needs of Ashland citizens.

Take for example the Ashland community public schools. When the fires first began in late June-early July, the city schools made campgrounds available to firefighters on the middle school sport fields. It was comforting to see the firefighters in our midst. Also take for example the use of the high school auditorium in support of the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Although not optimal for such a professional organization, making this stage available to OSF deserves recognition and appreciation.

The Ashland school superintendent and School Board need to be supported in their decisions to make space and facilities available in mitigation of the negative impact of smoke and fire in Ashland. When school financial bond issues appear on our ballots in the near future, I for one will remember not only our community’s quality schools, but also school leadership stepping up in a time of public need.

James Jarrard


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