Letters to the Editor

Resistance against Israel is justified

Resistance against the Israeli apartheid state is not a threat to the existence of Jews, but rather legitimate self-defense by Palestinians being brutally oppressed while being forced off their lands.

The inhuman treatment of Palestinians cannot be justified by the history of oppression against Jews by other people in another time on a different continent. The global protests against Israel are direct repercussions of the bloody Israeli offensive in Gaza, the siege on Gaza and the illegal occupation of Palestine.

The brutal and asymmetrical use of force against civilians and those standing for life and justice for the people of Palestine is intolerable. Those acting in resistance to Israeli racism and aggression are legitimized by the continued expansion of illegal settlements and Israel's defiance in the face of international condemnation for its brutal occupation.

I stand with the millions of Jews, Arabs and socialists around the world calling for an end to the siege on Gaza and an end to the racist apartheid state in Israel and occupied Palestine.

Ryan Navickas


Thanks to all who supported benefit

We recently hosted a benefit garden party for the Basic Rights Oregon organization. It was great fun and a fine success due in large part to our local sponsors.

Thank you so much to the generous contributions from Caldera, Albertson's, Safeway, Shop'n Kart, the Ashland Food Co-op and All About Parties. And special thanks to personal contributions from Alex Adsitt, Brian Freeman, Jane Maynard, and Julie Simon.

David Hogan & Susan Baird


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