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Letters to the editor

Change the ballot

As people rejoice or lament over election outcomes, we should lament process in Ashland city elections. Luckily, we had a terrific slate of candidates this year, really quite remarkable. However, there were four seats open, yet we could not vote for our four favorite candidates. The complaint was commonly heard. WHY Ashland changed the election method to “seats” within an at-large city no longer matters. Many believe that “districts” are the only way to accomplish good representation or, moreover, that “at-large” elections are inherently not fair. Neither is correct.

Since people generally state they care more about a representative’s political views than how close-by they live, districts are not that useful. And in Ashland the “seat” method doesn’t even offer geographic affinity. In traditional at-large elections (like county commissioners), 51 percent of the people can control everything. Obviously, not fair. There ARE better solutions. NOT a ‘Top-2’ system, which California regrettably adopted and Oregon wisely rejected. Instead, use a ranked choice voting ballot. RCV can be used for simple single-winner elections, but when used in at-large areas, like Ashland, best levels of representation are achieved. A voice for voters proportionally. Let’s keep our at-large system but change the ballot.

Barbara Klein

Action Chair, League of Women Voters of Rogue Valley


Honor Flight says thanks

The board of directors of Honor Flight of Oregon would like to thank the Rogue Chapter No. 1260 of the Non Commissioned Officers Association and its chairman, Terry Haines, for their outstanding and patriotic volunteerism in 2018. To date, because of Terry’s unwavering and unstoppable drive to honor our local veterans, NCOA has raised more than $28,000 in donations for Honor Flight.

Their support has assured Honor Flight of Oregon will be able to escort World War II, Korea and Vietnam veterans on another flight next year to visit Washington, D.C., and their memorials.

Every donation adds up to make these trips possible. To support Honor Flight and honor our local veterans, please contact us at Honorflightoforegon@gmail or visit the website at honorflightoforegon.org. Thank you to everyone.

Ron Kohl

President, Honor Flight of Oregon


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