Letters to the Editor, Aug. 25

Our drought

I would like to commend the city of Ashland for their splendid recent Drought Summit to keep citizens informed of the evolving consequences of the ongoing drought.

Presenters were knowledgeable and educational booths were informative. A lively Q&A followed with so much input from the audience that not all of it could be covered in the allotted time. Audience members who clearly understood the gravity of the situation put forward many positive suggestions, great and small.

After hearing this exchange of ideas, all of which addressed the symptoms of drought, I came away feeling somehow that we all missed the point.

Perhaps some day a small child will point out that the emperor has no clothes. We have only been dealing with the symptoms, and largely ignored the root cause of our water problems, global warming!

No mention was made of acknowledging or doing anything to actually deal with the cause of the drought. No amount of frugality, faucet repair or building more dams will ultimately resolve this problem.

Until we face this “inconvenient truth” and take action, the problem will only continue to compound itself every week, month, year and decade until it becomes irreparably insoluble.

By then, no action will be of any consequence.

Dave Cornell, Talent

Gaza blockade must end

Senator Merkley is one of the few members of Congress so far who have called for an immediate and durable ceasefire between Israel and Gaza.

According to U.N. statistics, more than a thousand civilians have been killed, and the overwhelming majority are Palestinian. The bombs and rockets must stop. As Senator Merkley pointed out in a recent speech, security and economic development are essential to any enduring peace. A ceasefire must lift Israel’s seven-year blockade imposed on Gaza, which continues to prevent Palestinians in Gaza from accessing the outside world for trade, medical treatment, higher education and other opportunities critical to a dignified life.

I hope Senator Wyden will also speak out in support of a ceasefire. The Friends Committee on National Legislation, a Quaker lobby in the public interest, has more on what we can all do to support an end to the violence at www.fcnl.org/gaza.

Beth Gould, Ashland

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