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Letters to the Editor, June 1

The nut case capital

I frequent a Facebook group — Ashland Peeps — and the amount of crazy talk coming out of Ashland is astounding.

“We don’t need 5G — my cell phone is plenty fast enough.”

“My cable internet is fine.”

Do these same people not understand how bandwidth gets to their phone to begin with? How do they think bandwidth gets from Point A to Point B? Often that delivery method is wireless — and — when 5G comes on board and it will come on board, 5G will be the delivery method!

Do these same people not realize hospitals, grocery stores, wi-fi routers they probably have at home — can and often do operate on 5G as well?

They’re not much smarter when it comes to “smart meters” either. The amount of misinformation is — again — astounding. You’d think Pacific Power was given orders by the CIA to kill off everyone in Ashland!

They wouldn’t need to do that anyway; Ashland is the capital of anti-vaccine, so we don’t need to rely on Verizon or Pacific Power killing anyone; our next plague will wipe Ashland off the map!

Steve Ryan


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