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Letters to the Editor, June 18

Not complicated

Allen Drescher’s column, “Gaza conflict is complicated” insinuates that the Gaza people, aka Hamas, are an ignorant, destructive people. Drescher repeats that same old media echo-chamber story about the disassembled greenhouses, and the absurd notion that they did it to “avoid giving Israel good press.”

The Gaza conflict is simple. Israel hates these indigenous people, and wants them out of the biblical lands. Shortly after the last settler was removed from Gaza (there were 13,000) the Israeli Air Force did low-level sonic booms over Gaza. The sonic booms were done during the night, when children were going to school, etc., two or three times in a 24-hour period, for over two months. Heart attacks and miscarriages were up 30 percent to 40 percent. No one was sleeping. Children were wetting their pants.

Hamas is a social-service organization, not a terror group. That’s why they won the Carter Center-approved election. After the election, secret agents of the U.S. and Israel, led by Elliot Abrams, funded and armed a coup by Fatah (the party they preferred.) That was the “civil war” Hamas won. The MSM often calls this “Hamas ‘seizing’ power.”

Such events are filtered/blacked-out of the Israeli-American corporate media.

Fred Caruso


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