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Letters to the Editor, June 19

Put gun ban on ballot

OK, so we fervently did the March for Our Lives in Medford. Now here’s an opportunity to legally ban and control assault weapons in Oregon by collecting enough signatures to put this on the November ballot.

Don’t just stand there, come to the training session for collecting these signatures at 5 p.m. this coming Saturday, June 23, at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship at 87 Fourth St. There will be an opportunity to speak with Penny Okamoto, director of Ceasefire Oregon, about the status of this initiative. Pending a decision from the Oregon Supreme Court, we need to be as prepared as possible to get signatures to put this on the ballot.

We’ve all been disheartened by the murders. At least we now have the opportunity to do something to make our country sane again.

Wendy Eppinger


Racial profiling

When we lost our husbands three years ago, I met a lovely woman and her 50-year-old, nonverbal autistic son at the grief support group. We became close friends on our grief journey and remain so.

On our way back to Medford from Eagle Point, I was pulled over by a state trooper, confused because I was driving with the flow of the traffic. As a 62-year-old caucasian woman, I have never had to deal with racial profiling in my life, until yesterday. My widow friend was in the front passenger seat, her son behind her. I saw the officer approach my mini SUV, with his hand on his gun, and stand behind the passenger side window where the autistic black man was sitting. I was forced to turn around, opening the back window to ask why he pulled me over. He slowly walked towards the passenger window saying I was speeding.

It was obvious to me that this white cop had pulled me over because there were black passengers in my car. Shame on that cop and shame on all racists who judge people by their color and not their hearts.

Mary Donnelly

Rogue River

Note to Sessions

A note to Attorney General of the United States Jeff Sessions:

When a mother bear becomes separated from her cubs she often attacks, and sometimes kills, what has come in between ... as she should.

Greg Hayden


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