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Letters to the Editor, June 20

A shameful atrocity

The words inscribed on Lady Liberty in New York harbor read “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”

And what do Americans witness today on our southern border? Thousands of children — scared, hungry, tired, but mostly scared — ripped from their parents’ arms and detained and imprisoned by our government while their parents, seeking asylum, await judgment as to whether or not they will be admitted to our shining democracy.

This shameful atrocity flies in the face of the spirit of our nation! Senator Ron Wyden has written. “After all the hardship and adversity the refugees at our borders have endured just to get to the ‘promised land,’ it is an affront to their humanity to endure the agony of losing their children when they get here.”

I couldn’t agree more. We’re better than this; this is not who we are, not the American way! Pressure needs to be brought to end this situation now and return these children to their parents.

Robin M. Thompson


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