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Letters to the Editor, June 27

Food vs. yachts

A 7-year-old boy recently informed me that “Trump lies.”

He was right. But our problems extend far beyond Trump’s deceit and manipulations.

Our nation is under attack by corporate-funded, greed-driven thieves and thugs, who have clearly taken over the GOP.

Case In point: On June 21, every Republican in the House voted for HR 2, a bill that would adversely affect children, seniors, 1.5 million veterans and low-income families by reducing SNAP benefits by $23 billion. This is a huge wealth transfer from those who need food to those who need a second yacht! (It was devised to compensate for the huge billionaire tax cut recently passed).

No Democrats voted for this immoral bill, but Rep. Greg Walden, the phony “veteran’s friend,” did.

Warning: If you or your parents rely on Medicare or Social Security, they are next on the Republican hit list. It won’t be “great.”

Lee Lull


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