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Letters to the Editor, June 28

LNG is wrong

I am Earth. I am suffering, and crying “Help.” I am saddled with filthy air, polluted waters, diminishing arable land and enough plastics in the oceans to cover Rhode Island.

Very unfortunately, the U.S. president cares nothing for my health. He discards scientific data and worships the profits he can raise for the oil, gas and automobile companies and himself. He has dismantled dozens of rules and regulations that were mitigating your abusive actions on me.

You have a chance to slow down this environmental disaster. The Jordan Cove liquefied natural gas project (LNG) is a proposal to build a gas pipeline across Oregon, from Malin to Coos Bay. It would cross numerous rivers and streams. Using this pipeline would increase the use of my fossil fuels, thus increasing the air pollution. That is exactly the opposite of what I need and want.

To you people and companies pushing the LNG, including JP Morgan Chase Bank, please put aside your desire for monetary gain. For my benefit and your grandchildren’s, do the right thing.

Ben Benjamin


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