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Letters to the Editor, June 4

Another view on Gaza

I was disturbed by Chaim Landau’s article about Israel vs. the Palestinians.

In 1949, my husband and I worked as volunteers in the Gaza Strip with the American Friends Service Committee. Our international group was helping 200,000 Palestinian refugees who had fled their homes during the fighting, thinking they would be able to return home in a few days. They were never able to return home. They and their descendants are still there, and there is no sign they will ever be able to return. They are unable to travel, have inadequate water, electricity, health care, and other supplies. They are virtually in prison.

Hamas may be misguided, but it is easy for me to see why the Gaza refugees would look to them for help.

I sympathize with Jews wanting a safe country, but those who had been treated so cruelly by Nazis should have sympathy for Palestinians who want the same. Israel is doing nothing to work toward a peace settlement with the Palestinians, instead they are grabbing up land that does not belong to them.

My ongoing wish is for peace and justice in the Middle East.

Nita Rosene


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