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Letters to the Editor, June 7

Why bet the farm?

Engineers design to “fail safe” when miscalculation may result in a devastating catastrophe. If one design choice will save money, while another avoids the risk of serious loss, they are taught to choose the design which avoids calamity in the event of failure. We should follow that standard when it comes to climate change.

Despite scientific consensus about our effect on climate, we are recklessly ignoring the engineers’ “precautionary principle” by betting that nothing will happen if we continue increasing greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere.

Atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration has hit record levels in each of the past five years, and is higher than at any time since humans first walked the earth. Incredibly, President Trump’s newly appointed NASA director killed the program that monitors atmospheric CO2 and methane. This problem won’t go away just because we stick our heads in the sand. Common sense demands that we continue to measure what is happening in our atmosphere. Climate scientists tell us that we are lemmings heading off the cliff. Why are we betting our only farm (indeed, mankind’s very existence) that they are wrong?

We need leaders who respect science, not ignore it!

Eric Weisberg

Central Point

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