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Letters to the Editor, June 8

Killing paramedics

On June 1, the Israel Defense Forces killed 21-year-old paramedic-nurse Razan al Najjar while she tended a wounded Palestinian in Gaza 100 meters from the border fence. She was wearing her medic vest, which clearly identified her from miles away.

Razan was shot in the chest by IDF soldiers stationed just across the fence. This is reminiscent of one day this May when IDF shooters killed a paramedic while injuring 18 paramedics and a doctor.

Israel tells Gazans to stay away from the fence, that the IDF must shoot because the Gazan protestors are terrorists, must shoot to keep Israelis safe on the other side of the fence. Yet the victims are all on the Gazan side of the fence. Since the end of March, the IDF has shot and injured some 13,700 Palestinians, killing 124.

Meanwhile, on June 1 at the United Nations, the U.S. vetoed a Security Council resolution to protect the people of Gaza and avoid harming medical personnel. Back in D.C., Israel continues to be the top recipient of U.S. foreign aid. This U.S. foreign policy makes the shootings personal for me and implicates all Americans.

Brenda B. Gould


Thanks to conservatives

Finally, after waiting decades for the sociopolitical possibilities of Joseph McCarthy, George Wallace, Newt Gingrich, Karl Rove and others of such ilk, the right wing now has in place those that represent the mean-spirited, selfish dictatorial style of government that they’ve long been praying for.

I’ve often wondered why conservatives gravitate toward a one-party governing system, being that any other party is, quote, “the enemy,” and historical facts always lead to the same conclusion. Dictatorships, being a far-right political position, are so much more efficient than our difficult and sometimes cumbersome two-party American democracy. Decent people realize that having respect for others and the ability to compromise does take a bit of work. Evidently it’s not worth the trouble for some.

So, again, thanks and congratulations.

Steve Sutfin


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