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Letters to the editor, Sept. 11, 2018

Can’t ignore science

Struggling to find opposing views can result in imbalance. Such occurred in the point/counterpoint columns on wildfire (Sunday, Sept. 2). One side offered an environmental scientist (Frey) who quoted science while the other offered a humanist (Matthews) who quoted politicians, (McClintock and Trump) while ignoring science.

As Frey argued, based on science, global warming and fire suppression are the major factors increasing wildfire risk. Matthews, meanwhile, didn’t mention fire suppression and provided the classic rejection of climate science consensus regarding global warming by claiming that warming is due to our ongoing emergence from the last ice age. If Matthews understood the science, he’d know that the major factors driving the cycle of ice ages are currently pushing us back into a cooling period. Yet we are warming! The only explanation that passes muster is that increasing atmospheric greenhouse gas concentration is driving global warming.

Large fires and burn acreage have been increasing in the western states since the 1970s, not the 1990s, a trend that’s consistent with the warming trend we have experienced. While climate change and fire suppression are relevant, the timber corporate spokespersons who claim it’s regulations, spotted owl protection and reduced logging are barking up the wrong tree.

Kathy Conway

Co-Facilitator, Southern Oregon Climate Action Now


A deafening silence

Have you noticed that Republican candidates and incumbents don’t object to caged children, blatant nepotism, ignorance or the rape of America? Me neither. And now they say they will rob us of our Medicare and Social Security so they can pay for their $1.5 trillion billionaire giveaway deficit. (Goodbye house, hello shopping cart!)

And which of them are fighting against the poisons being put back in our water and food? The silence from Republicans at all levels is deafening as they march in lock step under a greed-driven banner of ignorance, lies, corruption, racism and hate.

When did the Republican Party morph into such a virulently destructive and evil force? Why don’t any of them speak up for decency and life on earth?

For that matter why won’t they speak with constituents and why do they refuse to attend crucial forums? And where in the heck is Walden?

Lee Lull


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