Letters to the Editor, Sept.17

Ignore negative ads

What is with the negative TV ads about Sen. Jeff Merkley? The ads are just about making the Ssenator look bad.

And why would anyone vote for the opposition who has nothing good to say about themselves? If the only way to promote yourself or your party is to make someone else look bad, it shows a very weak position. The people of Oregon are not stupid. We do not want to know what you are against, we want to know what you stand for and what you are going to do about jobs, better education, health care, immigration, and where you stand on GMO labeling.

Washington makes themselves look bad in the eyes of the voter because all they do is talk about what they are against and get nothing done. Let’s change the tone here in Oregon and hear just what the candidates stand for, not what they're against.

I would ask the voters not to vote for any person running for office that is just running negative ads and does not explain what they stand for and what they would do for the people in Oregon. Who cares what you’re against?

Phil Loveless, Ashland

'Error-correcting errors'

The process surrounding the issue of the Ashland Plaza and the recommendations of the Downtown Beautification Committee are a perfect example of what Joseph Chilton Pearce called “error-correcting errors.” That is, a major mistake is made and then many attempts are made to correct the mistake while leaving the major mistake intact.

The major mistake is this case is obviously the gray pavers used in renewal of the Ashland Plaza. No small “fixes” will change the fact that the dark-gray pavers are ugly and make the entire area look like a large swath of blacktop.

There is no delineation, no character, no color to distinguish it from the roads on either side. It is a matter of scale; tiny “improvements” with mosaics, planters and the like do nothing to change the effect of large areas of dark-gray ground.

The original error needs to be addressed first: The gray pavers must be removed and replaced with pavers of a terra cotta color that match and complement the colors of the older buildings in our downtown. It’s the only “fix” that will really make a difference and restore the sense of a true plaza.

Will you please take the lead in this rectification? Eschew the “error-correcting errors”; be bold in confronting the scale of the original mistake and its simple, obvious resolution.

I’m sure there are many citizen volunteers to willing to support and assist in this action.

Marea Claassen, Ashland

Recruiting for war and 'Col. Dave'

All you need do is note the recent increase in the frequency of television military recruiting commercials to realize our new war is probably going to a a humdinger.

While I'm at it, should Col. Dave Dotterrer win in November, do we address him by his rank? I'd just like to know the correct manner of address if it comes to pass.

Mike Mooney, Ashland

Vote Helfrich in Phoenix

As Phoenix enters its second 100 years as a city, it is in a position to realize its full potential.

The next few years are critical and require a mayor with vision. I urge you to vote for Terry Helfrich for mayor. He's been a resident for the past 35 years, of which 20-plus have been serving his community — 16 years on the Planning Commission, two terms on City Council, the Urban Renewal board and too many committees to mention.

Terry knows RPS (Regional Problem Solving) and worked through the process for the Phoenix interchange. This is the experience needed for Phoenix to prosper and grow.

Terry is personable and relates well to people. He gives the city a regional presence. His knowledge of the challenges ahead will move Phoenix forward, and Phoenix will be "open for business."

As a past planning commissioner and councilor I urge you, vote Terry Helfrich for mayor.

Mike Stitt, Phoenix

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