Letters to the Editor, Sept. 9

A sleeping dog

Please hear another plea to replace columnist Michael Barone, unless of course his presence is intended to discredit doctrinaire conservatism.

Surely there are cost-effective conservative alternatives offering both relevance and intelligence. Barone seems to see himself as a sleeping dog, with license to lie.

Jerry Nutter, Ashland

Dotterer is best choice

Col. Dave Dotterrer has a track record of success serving his country in the military, which can be attributed to his intimate understanding of what it takes to be a leader, an acute attention to detail, uncompromising integrity and a genuine desire to lead positive change.

Dave is prepared to put his experience to use by better serving the people of Southern Oregon in Senate District 3. I believe Col. Dotterrer is the best choice to move Oregon's economy in the right direction.

Don Paul, Ashland

Never give up

It is so heartening to run with an idea whose time has come. Like taking action on curbing global warming. The solution is a market-based approach known as "Carbon Fee and Dividend", and is supported by conservatives such as former Secretary of State George Shultz.

"A recent study from the highly respected Regional Economic Models Inc. (REMI) examined the impact — both environmentally and economically — of a fee on the CO2 content of fossil fuels, beginning at $10 per ton of CO2 and increasing by $10 a ton each year. Revenue from the fee was divided equally and returned to households as monthly payments.

"The economic stimulus of recycling revenue from the carbon fee into our pockets would create 2.8 million jobs. By applying border tariffs, other nations will have strong economic incentive to follow the U.S. lead in pricing carbon. After 20 years, 2035, CO2 emissions would drop 50 percent below 1990 levels." (from Citizens' Climate Lobby, Sept. 8, 2014).

Spread the word. Write our representatives in Congress.

Inaction raises the risk of severe, pervasive and irreversible impacts on our lives. Never give up trying to save the earth, and thereby, ourselves.

Carola Lacy, Ashland

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