'Catch' addresses contemporary themes

Oregon Stage Works' Ashland Children's Theatre will present a free staged reading of "Catch" by Rosemary Harrington.

Geared toward teens and young adults, "Catch" is a lively show about teens, the age of AIDS and avoiding death.

"Catch" plays at 7 p.m. Monday and Tuesday, Feb. 11-12, at Oregon Stage Works, 191 A St., Ashland.

The play addresses the prevention and contraction of the HIV virus through a series of vignettes and spoofs that are both entertaining and interactive.

The repercussions of the virus on young people and their families are explored.

We see the one-night stand, the runaway intravenous drug user, the gay teenager, Ryan White, Patient Zero and a medley of plagues and sexually transmitted diseases masquerading as pop idols and celebrities.

"Catch" is directed by Ashland Children's Theatre co-director Eve Smyth and features Autumn Aloiau, Orion Bradshaw, Jackson Campbell, Shayna Marie and Justin Williams.

For more information, call 482-2334.

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