Ashland musician Jon Galfano decided to have a little fun when he recorded his newest CD, "Nebulae."

"You could say I wear many different hats on this CD," Galfano says. "You could even say many different wigs."

When you open the CD cover, you'll see how.

Galfano and his producer, Sharon Williams, came up with an idea to create a fictitious band, full of individual players who could illustrate the songwriter's versatile talents.

Calling it the Jon Thomas Band (Thomas is Galfano's middle name), the group features Jon Thomas (Galfano) and Bobby Blaze (Galfano) on guitars, Simon Keyes (Galfano) on drums, Teddy Fender-Benda (Galfano) on bass, J.V. Rowland (Galfano) on keys and Tammy Bourine (who is actually Williams) on percussion. Williams played on the track titled "Sleigh Ride to Forever."

"We had a lot of fun creating these characters," Galfano says. "People always get a laugh when they see the CD's sleeve photos."

Galfano's "Nebulae" includes 11 original instrumental rock songs, with Galfano handling all of the instruments on the album as a one-man band.

"This is another step for me," Galfano says. "This CD has a total full-band sound. Some of the songs hold up to 24 tracks each. It's quite ambitious. It took me a full year to complete the project."

Galfano's past CDs have been a combination of solo piano and multi-tracked guitar recordings. He believes that his collection of music on "Nebulae" may be the best he's ever created.

"Software used by musicians allows us to produce high-fidelity CDs in home studios," Galfano says. "We can work on projects without feeling financially pressured as one might in a commercial studio. It lets me be more creative and work at a comfortable pace.

"The electronics, such as guitar effects, pedals and others, are so high-quality that musicians can create the best products while recording at home."

"Nebulae" features instrumental rock that is inspired by the classic rock sounds of the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Yes and the Moody Blues.

"Many of us music fans still love the really great rock music we grew up with," Galfano says. "I love writing and recording new material in that classic '60s and '70s style. I feel that some of the music that's new today lacks qualities such as excellent guitar work."

"Nebulae" and other CDs by Galfano are available at www.jongalfano.com and at Avalon Gifts in the Rogue Valley Mall and Music Coop in Ashland.

Galfano and Sher (Sharon Williams) present acoustic original and classic rock at their live shows around the Rogue Valley.

"I play Beatles, Stones and Sher sings and plays light percussive instruments such as tambourine and maracas," Galfano says.

The duo is set to perform shows at 7 p.m. every Thursday at the Stage Coach Saloon, 105 W. California St., Jacksonville. To contact the Stage Coach Saloon, call 899-3148.

A short video of Galfano performing music from "Nebulae" can be viewed on YouTube.

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