'You and Music'

The SchoolHouse Retreat and Cultural Center in Talent is working with young musicians this summer. Fritz Gearhart is strings professor at University of Oregon and Maria a is a doctoral candidate in bassoon from Stony Brook University.

Both are faculty at The SchoolHouse Conservatory For Fine Arts program, "You And Music 2007." The program is open to intermediate to advanced high school musicians and recent graduates.

Students in the program will present a recital along with their teachers at — p.m. Sunday July 1, at The SchoolHouse Retreat and Cultural Center, 8448 Wagner Creek Road, Talent. The free recital will incorporate music and culture of Eastern Europe, particularly Bulgaria, which is Jeleztchev's native country. There will be a reception following the recital.

The center is offering two summer programs: "You in Southern Oregon with an International Touch," for string and wind instrumentalists from June 24 through July 1; and "You as The Integral Artist," for all instrumentalists from Aug. 15-19.

Teachers for the August program will be Brian and Lisa McWhorter. Brian is professor of trumpet at the University of Oregon and member of the Meridian Arts Ensemble and the Oregon Brass Quintet.

Lisa is a violinist with Portland Symphony Orchestra and a yoga instructor. Poppie Beveridge teaches in both summer sessions. Founder of the program, she is a certified coach and trainer of the Egoscue Method and Posturing for Success.

The center serves 10 students in each summer program and focuses on the individual as well as the person's musical instrument. There is private mentoring for solo and ensemble performance, personalized exercises and aerobic activity, postural alignment, and four tools for personal management.

During the first session, Gearhart has been giving individual private instruction to the students. He invited students to bring their own music to work on with him and he organized music for them for either solo or ensemble presentations. He presented his recent composition to the students and shared his process of composing.

Jeleztchev presented her arrangements for bassoon of Bulgarian folk music and explained the intricate rhythms, beats and cadences of eastern European music.

The August program for high school instrumentalists will lead the participants through an intensive and active look at the potentials of balanced practice. Instrumentalists will engage in mindful practice in groups and by themselves.

They will also work with other musicians in rehearsals and presentations of music that will challenge and inspire.

In addition to musical practice participants will have several opportunities to overcome the physical hurdles of their respective fields through sessions of body and personal work with Beveridge and yoga with Lisa McWhorter.The center recognizes that a great majority of young students and many professional performers play with limited potential because of tension, stress from lifestyles or from performance pain. At the center, the study of music includes more than technique and an ear. It involves a student's entire being and helps students become aware of the importance of physical, mental and emotional well-being as an integral part of their art.

See or call 535-6350.

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