A killing revisited

Myeisha Mills, a 19-year-old African-American woman, was shot to death by police officers in 1998 in Riverside, Calif. "Dreamscape," written by playwright Rickerby Hinds, explores Mills' life through poetry, dance and beatboxing.

Mills sat comatose in her car when officers fired a dozen bullets that struck her. Actors follow the trajectory and impact of these bullets through the memories they trigger.

"Dreamscape" will be performed at 8 p.m. Monday, July 23, in the Black Swan Theatre on the Oregon Shakespeare Festival campus, 15 S. Pioneer St., Ashland.

Natali Micciche plays Mills, and John "Faahz" Merchant plays multiple roles in the production.

Hinds has worked at OSF with its Mixing Texts program for three years. The program is designed to explore opportunities to present works from artists related to OSF in revenue-generating models.

Hinds, a native of Honduras who immigrated to south-central Los Angeles at age 13, changed dramatic arts in 1989 when he debuted "Daze to Come," according to an OSF news release. It was the first full-length play to use hip-hop as the primary language of the stage.

Hinds' subsequent works, "Blackballin,' " "Birthmark" and "One Size Fits All," have inspired young playwrights to communicate through hip-hop.

Hinds holds a master's degree in playwriting from the School of Theater, Film and Television at University of California at Los Angeles. He has twice been awarded the Audrey Skirball-Kenis Award for best play.

Tickets cost $20, $10 for youths and students, and are available by calling 541-482-4331. "Dreamscape" is suitable for ages 16 and older.

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