Ahavah Oblak's flower power

"I'm a local producer of flower essences. I do consultations for individuals in person or over the phone," said Ahavah Oblak, owner of the Gan-Ya Botanicals Holy Land Essence Blands. "Most people would be familiar with flower essences from Dr. Edward Bach's flower essences and remedies, which began in the 1930's. He popularized flower treatments. His "Rescue" remedy is quite famous and documented."

A mother of four, the cheery Oblak, a flower essence practitioner, came into pursuing this eclectic field of study while living in Israel with her family and running an herbal products business. Part of the symmetry of her work is to blend documented and ancient research ranging from academic to Biblical with her own sense of intuition. "I use kind of a combination," said Oblak. "I enjoy research into historical uses of plants."

"I'm connected with other flower essence practioners in the United States, Canada and Israel. Right now, if you did a search on the internet, you'd find essences form around the world; South America, Africa, etc. I kind of have the rare niche of being one of the only practices that uses products from Israel," said Oblak.

"Mine are unique because they are kosher. Traditional essences are preserved in a water and brandy solution. Jews avoid grape products that are non-kosher and a percentage of my products are Jewish as are some of the practitioners I vend to, among them, the Kabbalah center in Los Angeles," said Oblak. "Madonna actually uses some of my products"&

166; though I haven't gotten that actual phone call from her yet.

But is it all just a handful of dandelion wishes? Oblak says no. "You can use them on pets or plants. In Israel, I had a goat herd and used the essences to aid goats with difficult births. It really helped to calm them. I've seen others use them on dogs with heat exhaustion. It's neat to see, because while adults can be talked into something or more easily swayed, seeing the effects of children and animals is more convincing as they don not posses the same degree of efficacy."

In the world of flower research, novices can get quite cross-pollinated with the onslaught of over-information. Flower essences are different from tinctures. Tinctures tend to affect the physical body whereas essences are designed to function on a more "psychological or spiritual" level. And unlike aromatic therapies, the essences are not scented. "The essences are complimentary, however," said Oblak. "They can be taken with homeopathic or allopathic medicines without negating any of the effect."

Oblak, also an academic, a former teacher pursuing a Master's in education and an English-as-a-second-language worker at Southern Oregon University, expounds; "Another difference between essences and tinctures is that with essences results are found through frequency, not amount. Such as with the anxiety solution, progress is in taking a few drops every few minutes until symptoms subside. Just downing the whole bottle at once wouldn't accomplish anything more than the few drops," said Oblak. "Humans have interacted with plants on this planet for a long time. Just because you have an essence of Echinacea doesn't mean you'll have the same results as with a tincture."

According to Oblak, the essences invoke elemental attributes; fire, earth, water, etc. Her process involves finding plants in full bloom and placing a glass bowl with spring water beneath them. Oblak generally used water from a well in Israel that was 2,000 years old. She would cut blossoms into the bowl and leave them in the sun for several hours, up to a day and gently remove the flowers from the bowl, mixing the water with brandy to create the mother essences. According to Dr. Bach, in a statement, "Disease will never be cured or eradicated by present materialistic methods, for the simple reason that disease in its origin is not material ... Disease is in essence the result of conflict between the Soul and Mind and will never be eradicated except by spiritual and mental effort."

"Flower essences are a modality that has been around for thousands of years," said Oblak. "I love getting feedback from my clients. Some even write me vignettes of their newly found vivid dreams. We commonly notice changes in sleep patterns, more vivid, substantive dreaming, augmented creativity, lowered anxiety etc."

Oblak's essences can be used to address a plethora of symptoms, from anxiety, to dispondancy, to sleeplessness, birthing difficulties, health issues and emotional constraints. "I try and make it a gentle process," said Oblak. "It's certainly an excellent adjunct thearpy for people who are doing some kind of (personal) work."

To schedule a consultation, or learn more about Oblak's unique essence, go to or email at ahavah@mcmatters.net

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