Analysis of the gun club debate

I gave up my young interest in hunting many years ago and don't have any interest in guns or even much tolerance with those who do have such an interest.

But if the gun club loses its lease and closes it will be a lose-lose outcome for the City and the club. The City will get stuck with the cleanup costs and the club members will lose a safe responsible location that has been used for target practice for generations. The winners will be a few latecomer mcmansion neighbors who are working hard to obfuscate the issue and delay and ultimately kill the lease renewal.

The gun club needs a long-term lease to apply for cleanup grants and the City wants the toxicity analyzed and cleaned up before it locks in a long-term lease. There is an obvious solution that has already been suggested. That solution is NOT to wait for another year to arrive back at the same point in this deadlocked controversy.

Using a political hammer to destroy a legitimate and responsible facility that is a community fixture in Ashland seems like a mean-spirited thing to do. The City Council should direct the city attorney to negotiate a long-term lease that can be revoked for failure to perform toxicity analysis and cleanup on a fixed deadline to the satisfaction of the City.

Paul Copeland

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