Haiku Corner: May 11 - 16

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Monday, May 11

With carrots we write

on the backs of bent rabbits

the words of some guy

—Miles Frode

Tuesday, May 12

Pansies flutter sleeves

In soft summer breezes

Their faces beam

—Patty Duggan

Wednesday, May 13

Sudoku challenge:

right numbers in the right squares

Oops! I lost again.

—Marshall Umpleby

Thursday, May 14

Too many raindrops

with all the stars of the night

my cat sails through space

—Cassandra Cornwell 

Friday, May 15

Jeffrey Pine:

bark’s golden, flaking plates;

nose in the crack — and smell vanilla!

—Dave Harvey

Saturday, May 16

My first word was moon

to trip the light fantastic

magic beans you say

—Miles Frode

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