Haiku Corner: Week of April 13-18

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Monday, April 13

Almond petals flock the earth

Spring blossoms search for sun

Fragrance gentle ... a sneeze!

—Keith Chambers

Tuesday, April 14

Peeking up through grass

yellow petals trumpet spring

waking to bright sky

—Alice Mallory

Wednesday, April 15

Pale sunset over

pear blossoms rusts to crimson

blazing midnight streaks

—Brady Rubin

Thursday, April 16

Sea of gray pavers

Source of our teapot tempest

Is only half vast

—Chris Mock

Friday, April 17

White paper waiting, pencil poised

Muse evading

Haiku ...... not

—Sylvia Whitman

Saturday, April 18

Time to see both sides

Eyeglasses need good cleaning

Focus on the truth

—Joyce Epstein

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