Haiku Corner: Week of April 20 -25

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Monday, April 20

Look close, count on me.

Depth in detail or just hell.

A caged passion freed.

 — Mosaic

Tuesday, April 21

Can't be impatient

about spring. Let her ease her

way in. Worth the wait.

—Craig G. Smith

Wednesday, April 22

God that cat looks pissed

Why did we shave its hair off

This was not my plan

—Kaj Pandey

Thursday, April 23

Crashing seaweed waves

Gulls mournful, swift sand-blown wind

Ogre driftwood. I smile!

—Eirlys McIntosh

Friday, April 24

Domed gnome of the woods,

patience born in solitude,

dwarf among the trees.

—Douglas Hillman Strong

Saturday, April 25

Beckoning Cat

good fortune, good luck,

shelter — follow me

—Karen Wasser

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